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54 unique samples cards from the Deckades: Jazz Era Story Prompts.  Story cards to help build your jazz or noir story.  Laid out in a print and play PDF format of 9 cards per page.

This set of samples has cards from each of the Deckades categories listed below.


Full Set includes
Deck 1 - Characters
Deck 2 - Antagonists
Deck 3 - Encounters and Story Hooks
Deck 4 - Locations
Deck 5 - Loot

This is a digital release only for now but we may be looking to get these printed at some point in the near future.  Stay up to date via our newsletter linked below: 

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Published by: Dirty Vortex LLC

Creative Director: Mark Kelly

Developed by: Matthew Dawkins

System design by: Matthew Dawkins, Cat Evans & Mark Kelly

Writing by: Cat Evans

Deckades™: Jazz Era Story Prompts

Errata: https://forms.gle/uaaBq1gYAJPrcVUw9


Draw one Story Hook, at least one Antagonist and at least one Character and Location. Create a short introductory scene based on the Story Hook, featuring one Character. Let the players’ reactions guide what happens next. Use Encounters, Characters, Locations, an additional Antagonist as needed to keep the action moving. Give out Loot as rewards or clues to help the players progress. 

Most cards have positive (+) and negative (–) traits. +s are strengths or traits that benefit the players. –s are weaknesses or traits players can exploit. The more signs, the stronger the benefit or penalty (– is a milder penalty than – – – –). You decide when they apply.


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