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ASHCAN version 1.0 - A low art version for now.  The Solemn Vale Live rules will be free to download now and when complete so we'll update this page regularly with the newest iteration till the book is complete. 

If you spot any errata, please take a moment to fill in the feedback form LINK

Solemn Vale Live

The Welcome to Solemn Vale Live. This guide covers how to create a LARP in the Solemn Vale setting, how to create characters, and how to resolve actions in a consent-based framework. It addresses what we consider to be the essential aspects of consent, safety, and ethical issues. 

We want to start by saying you cannot win or lose in LARP, all you can do is experience the LARP and hopefully have fun, and the more you help others have fun the more fun you’ll have. Please be generous to your fellow players; they’re with you sharing the same story, everyone is in this together. This is important because throughout Solemn Vale and within all its denizens is the Wyrd, a force flowing through everything. It’s the life in your character, the energy of the land, the power of the hidden, and of course some of it is a twisted dark energy. This energy flows though the LARP, from place to character or character to character, as the darkness slowly takes hold. 

Our vision is to retain core aspects of Solemn Vale mechanics and to streamline these, so resolution is as seamless as possible and maintains flow within the LARP experience. This guide will show you how to portray the dark creatures of Solemn Vale in a live, first person environment, and convey the sense of foreboding, entrapment, and descent into madness or decay present in the tabletop version of this game.


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